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I think it’s safe to say that Halloween is our favorite holiday. Jason and I love reveling in the spooky. We’ll hit all the prowls of the season, from the corn mazes to the haunted houses, if time permits. Unfortunately, time does not usually permit much. October is often a crazy month for us due to our Halloween party and so our explorations of the spine-chilling are limited but we do typically manage to squish in a couple of creepers.

Besides throwing a party here’s how we celebrated the scary this year:

First, we went to a scallywag soiree. The owner of the company that Jason works for puts this on every year. The soiree always has spectacular special effects, yummy catering, and, of course, a whole lot of swashbuckling. Among Jason’s coworkers this party is the stuff of legends. It’s rumored between them that the guy that designed the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland was commissioned to make the ghostly wreckages, firing cannons, and creepy crypts for this event. While that is quite possibly true, the props are of a quality that I could believe it, I will not present that information here as fact since hero-worshiping myths run rampant where this owner is concerned. But no matter who actually designed the decorations, they are certainly impressive.

Our pirate costumes were made by yours truly five or six years ago. They've gotten the most use out of any of our getups.

Jason and I had a great time at the soiree even though we spent a large part of the evening waiting in one line or another. The number of attendees was capped at 500 yet that’s still a lot of buccaneer hats and bellies to fit under one roof. But hey, when you’re with friends even waiting in line is a bash.

Adam and Jeremy Rowley work with Jason now so we had quite the bunch of scurvy blaggards to party with.

Jason and I also conspired to have our own private Halloween celebration after our party was out of the way. We decided that this would take the form of a dreadful dinner. Our plans to cook and relax at home, it turns out, fit perfectly with Jason’s plans to be sick. The morning after our party Jason’s exhaustion had turned into infection and he could barely talk. Poor guy. But there are few things that some eyeball taco salad and boo beverages can’t fix. Jason’s appetite for the eerie was not lessened by his illness and he ate more gruesome grub that night than I did. Eyeballs: they do a body good.

We had eyeball taco salad, boo beverages, and oozing chocolate cakes for our fiendish feast. I think I might need more practice eyeballing it.

And that brings me to our memorable visits to the cornfields and chainsaw guys…or not. We didn’t make it to any of the other places we love to get spooked out in. We had too many spider webs to hang I guess. Sad. But our limited free time still afforded a little fright, some wicked delight, and a Halloween that was reveled right.

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