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The sages have shared timeless guidance through the ages on how to prolong opportunities for loungewear wearing. Their great wisdom has taught us that if you can’t bring your nightgown to the shindig then bring the shindig to your nightgown. It was my turn to host Bunco this month and I decided to take this enlightened advice to heart by turning Bunco into a pajama party. Oh yeah, time to live it up like it’s 8 AM!

Pajamas and slippers are always in vogue at my house.

Breakfast and pajamas are kind of a packaged deal so I opted to make a morning meal our sustenance for the evening. Several years ago my mother-in-law Sue taught me how to make her recipe for British pancakes, AKA crepes, and I chose to share its deliciousness with my Bunco girls. Sue would be proud except I didn’t cover these goodies with her customary lemon juice and sugar. Oh the crepe corruption! Instead I concocted a variety of homemade toppings: caramel sauce, fat-free chocolate syrup, and fat-added chocolate syrup. I paired these condiments with ripe berries and freshly whipped cream for an even greater fat impact. Don’t tax your calculator by trying to count those calories; it might explode.

The creping went slowly and sloppily but pretty tastily too.

The preparations for this culinary endeavor went pretty smoothly. There were only two hiccups. Making individual crepes for 8 girls took a lot longer than planned and my hot buttery skillet coughed out more smoke throughout the process than a holey chimney. Luckily girls know how to talk so while I cooked away my guests were content chatting amid the lingering billows that made my kitchen resemble a seedy bar. I did complete the food fabrication though before we all passed out from smoke inhalation and the results were satisfying. My tummy would never accept a meal this rich in the AM but for a fake breakfast dinner it was pretty yummy. On a side note, I did practice my crepe making over the weekend and I think I’ve figured out a few tricks to make the process go considerably faster. So the next time I cook for a long line of famished ladies I believe I can fill their plates at a significantly quicker rate.

And the pajamas? So nice. Can we just play Bunco in our PJs every month? Seriously, it’s going to be hard to go back to rolling in regular clothes.

Thanks ladies for joining me for a cozy and stuffing evening. I appreciate your patience with the creeping creping and I hope your pajamas enjoyed their big night out.

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