Forging Middle-earth

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Jason and I have slowly been amassing Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Lego sets over the last couple of years. As foretold, the mightily magnificence of these sets remained concealed in their boxes until the ring saw its opportunity to seize the greater part of our living room. Finally, this December, the time had come.

This stronghold of Rohan was formed by Jason.

This stronghold of Rohan was formed by Jason.

This may not seem like nearly 5000 pieces of Tolkien's world but that's what it all adds up to.

This may not seem like nearly 5000 pieces of Tolkien’s world but that’s what it all adds up to.

We thought the release of the latest Hobbit movie a befitting occasion to create Middle-earth out of building blocks so we devoted a couple of afternoons to this epic quest and put together 4564 pieces of Tolkien’s fantastical land. This was my first experience constructing Legos and I have to say that it was more fun than I thought it would be. When you’re building a set you notice details missed by the uninvolved observer and you get the thrill of making something coherent out of nonsensical bits. Plus, forming Weathertop’s stairs or Bilbo’s door is reward enough for the incorrigible nerd. (Yes, I am incorrigible, obviously.)

The look on Frodo's face says it all.

The look on Frodo’s face says it all.

I have faced the enemy’s forces of paint and plastic and I have pushed them together with my own hands of skin. One Rachel ruled them all! (I suppose Jason was sort of involved too.)

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