Sweat & Seals

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Sometimes, as adults, we think we’re too cool or grownup for “childish” pursuits. Fortunately, I don’t think I’m too old or hip for anything so when Jason suggested that we continue celebrating my birthday way past the point of reasonableness with a trip to Hogle Zoo, I consented. Neither of us had been to our local zoo for at least fifteen years so we both felt like it was about time we revisited it.

Maturing past wonder may be a common phenomenon but Jason and I plan on never letting amazement seep away, no matter how ancient our bodies become.

Hogle Zoo has changed substantially since the last time I was there. They’ve made use of the Zoo, Arts, and Parks tax to overhaul most of their habitations. Overall, they actually appear to have a lot less animals than previously but the species that they do possess have much larger habitats now and seem to be significantly more content.

These grizzlies are siblings and they certainly acted like it.

The day we went to the zoo, the sun’s blasting rays felt more like death rays. We were there from about 11:00 to 2:00 and I was literally dripping with perspiration by the time we left. Becoming a human faucet felt a little undignified and gross but the beasts didn’t seem to mind.

Another fake nest = another opportunity for silliness.

In general, it was a pleasant afternoon. It took Jason and me a bit to recover from our heat exposure but, now that the sweat marks have been washed out of my clothes, I’m feeling pretty good about the experience. I’d argue that you are never too aged or sophisticated to laugh at bears’ horseplay or to appreciate seals’ aquatic maneuvers. I plan on not ever being that mature.

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