Rachel’s Ten

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I, The Mastermind, recently led the unachievable. Due to my ability to organize huge and seemingly impossible undertakings out of chaos, I directed a breakout of legendary proportions. Here’s how I Eskaped with nine of my buddies.

The Mission

Trapped inside a vintage 31-foot Airstream trailer, my prudently-selected team had 45 minutes to crack puzzles, poke props, and analytically unravel a series of clues to access the key to our release.

I played around with a number of the items in the trailer and did a few useful things.

I played around with a number of the items in the trailer and did a few useful things.

The Team

Jas: The Escape Artist

Jason played Houdini as a kid with his siblings and broke free every s.i.n.g.l.e. time. During our Airstream undertaking, he was particularly skilled at discovering hidden hints by fiddling with everything.

Cam: The Cognitive Genius

Cam can solve a Rubik’s Cube faster than anyone WITHOUT removing the stickers. We ended up using both his mental and lung capacities since he took it upon himself to provide the pedaling power for some of our operations.

Fran: The Illusionist

Fran can hide massive green pipes from everyone’s eyes! You aren’t seeing those pipes right now are you? Yup, magic. She was responsible for unsealing some of the trailer’s most hush-hush compartments.

These three got to the bottom of the books' enigmas.

These three got to the bottom of the books’ enigmas.

Drew: The Pontificating Instigator

Drew is willing to discuss and dissect any situation or problem. He’ll happily scrutinize your issues for you anytime. He spent most of his 45 minutes deciphering a series of codes found within a set of books.

Simone: The Collaborator

Simone has the ability to transform the nonsensical into the sensical. After all, somehow she makes sense of Drew. She too was instrumental in the book decrypting.

Jim: The Wizard

… has a beard… must be a wizard and wise… Jim figured out some brain teasers that were perplexing the rest of us. Thanks Wizard.

Cindy: The Competitor

Cindy is willing to conquer any challenge. Oh, and she can leap buildings on a snowmobile. We knew her daring nature would come in handy. She bounded right into cracking some tough conundrums.

Rachel's Ten proved to be a successful collaboration.

Rachel’s Ten proved to be a successful collaboration.

Jeremy: The Memory Master

Jeremy can remember every rule to every board game and sometimes other stuff too. He did recall a few helpful things during our stay inside the Airstream.

Rebecca: The Wrangler

Rebecca has the ability to make The Memory Master focused and useful. She also proved valuable in the book decoding department.

Thanks to my wisely-selected band of solvers, we retrieved the key to our freedom in the nick of time. With less than a minute left on the clock, we breathed in the sweet whiffs of success… and fries. Thanks Jason for the puzzling gift!

*Jason co-wrote this post and, therefore, deserves recognition (or disdain) for such.

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