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Vegas isn’t one of my favorite vacation spots- too many people, too many mazes, too much smoke, too much irresponsibility. However, when Jason had to go there for another conference this summer I consented to go with him anyway; I’m a sucker for cute boys and good food.

The restaurants and entertainment options in Vegas are pretty spectacular. As much as Vegas irritates me, I can’t deny that. We ate at Table 10 and Yardbird on this short trip. Yardbird, which specializes in Southern fare, was the better of the two restaurants. We ordered way too much there and couldn’t finish our yummy collard greens and peach cobbler. The woes of only having one stomach are many!

The Neon Museum's Boneyard contains the last remains of much of Vegas' glitzy past.

The Neon Museum’s Boneyard contains the last remains of much of Vegas’ glitzy past.

We also visited The Neon Museum, the final resting place of over 200 obsoleted signs from Vegas’ ever-changing boulevards. Learning about Vegas’ colorful history through this Neon Boneyard may sound boring but it was really cool and fascinating.

Jason and I saw BAZ too, a tribute to the tragic works of Baz Luhrmann. Although not a huge production, if you are a fan it’s worth checking out. I quite enjoyed it.

Even in the darkness, one can still see the love... because it's a giant sign with spotlights on it.

Even in the darkness, one can still see the love… because it’s a giant sign with spotlights on it.

Since I had some free time while Jason was conferencing, I made it my scientific mission to try macaroons from as many different places as possible to compare and contrast their tastiness. Boredom = eating macaroons in the name of science? I’m pretty sure I had to do that proof in geometry class. The king of Vegas’ macaroons? Bouchon Bakery’s caramel. Wow!

And that’s about all I have to say about Vegas. Our visit was typical in every way. Vegas was the blazing and blaring maze of masses it always is but I didn’t mind hanging there for a couple days to consume some scrumptious grub and catch a little chic entertainment.

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